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Is your pet injured, limping, or in need of a custom mobility solution?

ProsthoPets is a pet orthotic & prosthetic company serving the Quad Cities of Iowa /Illinois and surrounding areas.


Similar to their unique personalities, our furry friends also come with unique mobility needs. Our veterinary orthotic and prosthetic services are here to support your pets in their journey to an improved quality of life; whether it be for pre or post surgical support or an alternative solution when surgical intervention is not feasible.

carpus brace, injury, dog


Custom orthotics can be a great alternative to helping your pet when surgical intervention isn't an option or has to be delayed for personal or medical reasons.

Golden retriever with hindlimb amputation


Custom prosthetics provide mobility solutions for pets with limb differences. Our loyal companions are great at adapting to their circumstances, but prosthetic intervention not only helps improve their quality of life; it also reduces the stress placed on other joints during compensatory movements and reduces risk of further injury.


We provide UPETS splinting systems that can be used before, after, or even without surgery. The UPETS splinting systems are designed to improve the quality of care for animals, make treatment easier for veterinarians, and speed up the healing process.

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