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Our Story

In 2022, our then 7-year-old chocolate lab, Cedar Bear, tore her right CCL. She had a lot of difficulty walking, laying down, and getting up. It was difficult to see her no longer be able to run after her ball or jump in the swimming pool. After a successful TPLO surgery on her right leg and 8 weeks of post surgical restrictions of that surgery, we were ready to get Cedar back to playing fetch and back to her incessant cannon balls in the pool. Approximately 3 weeks later, she tore her left CCL. Our plans for summer swims and outdoor fetch quickly changed because, once again, she was having a lot of difficulty walking, laying down, getting up, etc. After this, she began to gain weight; consequently putting more stress on her already torn left CCL. 

We intent to have TPLO surgery on Cedar's left leg but we just weren't quite ready to go through the process again since we had just been down that road. The stifle brace has allowed Cedar Bear to get back to her old self again while we plan for surgery to be done at a later date. It has allowed her to remain active with her daily fetch games and weekend pool parties. She's been able to maintain a healthy weight, and continue to activate her muscles; not only will she be well prepared for her next surgery when the time comes, but her current injury won't continue to get worse.

Cedar & Her Stifle Orthosis In Action

In true "fur-kiddo" form, Cedar's misfortune set in motion a way to help others. It has propelled us down the road of veterinary O & P and encouraged us to help other pets and pet parents out there that may benefit from our services. We are certified prosthetists and orthotists and are powered by OrthoPets; the founding company of veterinarian O & P that began in 2003. Our goal is to provide the highest quality orthopedic devices for your pet. OrthoPets has assembled a group of experts in veterinary orthopedic surgery, veterinary sports medicine, veterinary rehabilitation, mechanical engineering, and human orthotics and prosthetics. Through their advanced manufacturing facility, we provide high quality, accurate devices in a timely fashion.

We look forward to helping your pet in any way we can!

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