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Want to Work With Us?

If your pet has been struggling with their mobility due to an injury, pathology, or other circumstance, you can fill out our Pet Parent Inquiry Form to get in contact with us. We create custom devices based on the uniqueness of your pet. Each pet's presentation is as unique as their lifestyles. Whether our devices are used as an alternative to surgery or for extra support, our devices are versatile and made with your pet's progress in mind.

We have custom devices for your pet's knees (stifle), ankles (tarsus), elbows, and wrists (carpus); as well as prosthetic options for those with limb differences.

Please reach out to us and/or your vet to start this process. We require a vet's prescription and referral to begin the process. If your vet is not familiar with us, we are happy reach out on your behalf to share our services and begin the journey of getting your pet back to an improved quality of life.  


What to expect

Once we receive a referral, we will schedule an evaluation at your pet's vet clinic. We will meet you and your pet at the referring vet's office and there we will determine if your pet is a candidate for orthotic or prosthetic intervention. If your pet is a candidate: forms, casting, and payment will be completed during this appointment. The next appointment will be scheduled for delivery of the device, where we teach you how to properly apply the brace, how to help your pet learn the brace, as well as all aftercare instructions. One free follow-up will be included in the delivery fee.


Do I come to your office?

We will complete the evaluation, casting, and delivery of your pet's device at your vet's office. We believe that collaborative care alongside the provider allows us to give your pet the most optimal care and outcomes that they deserve.


What kind of devices do you offer?

Visit our product page by clicking here


Want more info?

To learn more, take advantage of the website of our partner, OrthoPets

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