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ACL brace, dog, stifle orthosis


Custom Orthotics

For CCL injury/tear, cruciate ligament injuries, fracture management, injury prevention, ligament injuries, hind leg support, as an alternative to surgery, and other rear leg injuries in dogs of the knee joint.

knee brace, stifle orthosis, dog, surgery alternative

Injuries can occur at any of the 3 joints of the carpus (antebrachiocarpal, middle carpal, or carpometacarpal); additionally any of these bones can be displaced (luxated) or fractured.

carpus orthosis, leg brace, wrist brace, dog

Devices for more mild injuries

hobble vest, brace, dog, injury

For achilles injuries, tarsal and metatarsal injuries and rehabilitation

tarsus orthosis, ankle brace, dog, surgery

The most common reasons for considering an elbow orthosis include dynamic luxation (dislocation) and osteoarthritis.

elbow orthosis, elbow brace, dog

UPETS Splinting System is an eco-friendly alternative to fiberglass casting for immobilization. UPETS splinting systems are easily modifiable, durable, and proven to cause fewer complications than traditional casting methods.

dog splint, fracture, surgery
dog, amputation, prosthesis, prosthetic, limb, tripod

*Used for pets with missing limbs/limb differences 

Clinical evidence

Prosthetics for pets is no longer considered strange or foolish. 4-legged patients have demonstrated that they enjoy using prosthetics enabling a return to an active functional life

Integrative Systems

Prosthetics are designed with cutting edge integrative systems of inner padding, exterior socket shell designs, and shock-absorbing materials


Evidence based methodologies are used to shape and contour the design of the prosthetic artificial paw, the faux-paw, to restore complex walking and running force dynamics

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