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What do we offer?

We rely heavily on the DVM's diagnosis, treatment plan, and goals when determining the best course of action. This collaborative effort allows us to give your patients the care they deserve.

We require a detailed prescription and referral from you in order to work with your patients. 

Please go to our referral page to set up an evaluation or to set up recurring appointment blocks. 

You can also request an in-service to learn about any and all of our services! 


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1. Refer a Patient

Using our referral form please submit the required information, as well as a tentative date and time. 

If you would like to reserve recurring times with us, there is also a form to do this. 

2. In-Office/In-home Evaluation(s)

At this stage, an evaluation will be done to determine if the animal is a candidate for the desired device type. 

If the patient is a candidate and decides to move forward with treatment, the full device fee will be due at this time, including the initial evaluation fee of $150.

If the patient is not a candidate or the pet-parents do not want to move forward, there is still a $150 evaluation fee. 

If the pet-parent may want to move forward at a later time, an evaluation fee will still be due, and once they are ready to proceed the remaining cost will be collected before moving forward. 

3. If moving forward...

Fiberglass impression will be taken along with photo/video media and measurements. 

Any X-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, etc will also be collected at this time. 

Fabrication will only begin after full payment amount is collected. Turn around time ranges from 7-9 days, excluding shipping. Rush options are available for additional fee. 

4. Delivery Day

On the delivery day, we will educate the pet-parent on proper application, break-in schedule, things to expect, how to help their pet adapt to the new device, and how to care for the device. The delivery fee is $100.

5. Follow-ups and Adjustments

Adjustments and follow-ups are a normal part of this process. 

One free follow-up/adjustment is provided, additional follow-ups available for a fee. 

If you have a specific protocol for certain injuries/recoveries, the device is made to be altered accordingly. We can adjust ROM, modify the device, and make any other modifications necessary. (We can also teach you how to do this, if desired.)

6. Refurbishment

The need for refurbishment is always a great sign that our goals were accomplished! 

When refurbishment is needed (approx. 12-24 mos), the device will come back looking brand new. 

There is a fee for this but will keep the device functioning comfortably and properly. 

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